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Rangemaster Appliances


If you have chosen a Rangemaster you have chosen a product that offers excellent build quality and superb value for money, however occasionally electrical and mechanical components do fail.

CG Service is the SOLE ACCREDITED RANGEMASTER SERVICE in Northern Ireland.

Remember, all Rangemaster cookers, hoods and SXS refrigerators are now covered by a full two-year manufacturers warranty. This guarantee covers all parts and labour on cookers, cooker hoods and SXS refrigerators.

Under this guarantee accidental damage is not covered. We can only offer 12 months protection if the product has been bought from a retailer as an ex-display model or as a graded product.

Fit new Burners, Caps and Trims to give your hob a new lease of life!

Rangemaster Quick Fixes

CG Service engineers are frequently called out to customers homes to find the problem is very easy to fix. So, before you call us we have listed here the most common easy fixes to check. If you try these and the appliance still is not working then book a service call here.

It’s always a good idea to check the troubleshooting section of your user manual before contacting an engineer.

The Top 6 easy fix faults frequently reported to us are -

1 Rangemaster oven completely dead. No thermostat light, heat and (if applicable) fan operation

Always check the cooker time clock is set and not flashing. This is also applicable on Gas ovens.

2 Rangemaster American style fridge freezer. Fridge warm and door temperature display is blank

Check that the fridge compartment is not turned off by pressing and holding the fridge temperature button for 5 seconds.

3 Rangemaster American style fridge freeze not making ice

We recommend you remove the ice bucket and empty out any ice. Make sure if the icemaker has a metal ‘off’ arm it is in the on position and the freezer door is closing correctly.

4 Rangemaster American style fridge freezer SXS 669 model

The freezer temp should be set to –18oc and the fridge to 3oc for best operation. The fuzzy and super options should always remain off.

5 Rangemaster gas burners sparking but not lighting

Check for over spill onto small brass jet below burner. This can be cleaned using some fuse wire.

6 Having problems with the Rangemaster gas burners?

We recommend the appliance gas installation is checked once a year for correct pressure, soundness and leaks or at least once every five years when the bottle hoses should also be changed. This is a "Gas Safe" recommendation it’s surprising how many problems stem from poor gas pressure.

Remember also, it is the law that gas appliances be fitted by a "Gas Safe" approved engineer. Your house insurance may not cover you in the event of anything happening as a result of a gas appliance being fitted by a non-"Gas Safe" approved engineer.


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